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Craftrealms hub update

And with this update I call an halt to my little detour updating & managing the website for the time being.
Every so now and then I get a couple ideas good enough to spare some time for instead of working on NLBlackEagle's Realm itself. This resulted in the homepage being redesigned, the live chat support and now the hub page.
After all, the website is an ongoing project that gets improved with each change, mostly small ones and sometimes big ones.

Craftrealms Web-hub

Live Mobile & Desktop chat support!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since the first responces on NLBlackEagle's Realm came to my ears and encouraged me to break my former image of what NLBlackEagle's realm would be like. I did not wanted to offer the map as a product since I strove to shock all visitors with the immersivity of a world they wouldnt get on any other server.

This ironicly still counts for a part as I would even redirect potential players to other servers to gain more publicity for NLBlackEagle's Realm. But on the other hand I do still strive to amaze even the hardened among all.

So here I am with an altered image since my priority slowely shifted towards providing real quality which brings me to telling you guys that we now offer live mobile & desktop chat support because we do not prioritize the quality of the content.

We prioritize you which is why we've installed an live chat solution 😉

Partnership Ended

I've waited a long time before announcing this but for those who did not knew yet, The Partnership between NLBlackEagle & Mysource/OldTcCreator has came to a end.
For a couple of months I had to focus on other then minecraft related business. However since recently I resumed working on NLBlackEagle's Realm again and closing in on the fifth release of NLBlackEagle's Realm!

Eagle's TerrainControl Series

Hello dear Minecrafters and visitors!

Recently I started making use of my Youtube Channel "Ancient Realms" by uploading a couple of TerrainControl episodes. These episodes vary from building to scripting but they all serve but one purpose which is the NLBlackEagle's Realm TerrainControl map!

The video's can be found under the Menu: TerrainControl. Click on Eagle's TC Series

Enjoy the video's!

Website Online!

After a couple days of work we managed to put up this website! We will continue to expand like adding a facebook page for you to like and keep up with the most recent content on both the website and ingame!

TerrainControl Tutorials

Hello Minecrafters!

We are happy to introduce the TerrainControl tutorial page!
This page was created to offer help on the TerrainControl plugin so everyone may create sutch awesome terrain for his or her server. If by any chance you happen to be one of these persons we would also like to inform you that using sutch a plugin requires some work but note that the effort is worth the results! You may share your own Idea's in the comment section!

Click here for the Terrain Control page!


Worth every pound spent!

Before I bought this I had some questions, so I sent an email and they were answered within 24 hours! I bought regular membership, loaded up the server and was amazed by the immensity of the world. I have found no issues so far and I am very pleased with the purchase. I can’t wait … Read more "Worth every pound spent!"

November 12, 2016

NLBlackEagle’s Realm has my players charged!


My plan is to offer several maps for my players to play in, but a critical element is for players to spawn on a map that right away tells them, “This ain’t Vanilla.” NLBlackEagle’s Realm is the map I have chosen for our server’s “Grand Reopening” when we are ready to upgrade to Minecraft 1.11.

October 11, 2016

Reviews now allowed!

Hello everyone! The reason why I gave this subject a full 5 star rating is because it makes it possibile to write reviews! Apart from that I can’t say too much as I will leave this up too you. Where you every helped by NLBlackEagle, the Craftrealms company? Please leave a review on how it … Read more "Reviews now allowed!"

October 7, 2016